I am a physician, musician, photographer and writer. Having relocated from the UK after a decade spent there, I am currently based in Goa, India.

I am an ardent musician. I have played in several orchestras around the world as a violinist, and still continue to play with the Corinthian Chamber Orchestra, London. It is an intregral part of my life, my raison d’etre.

Prior to going to the UK for work and further medical studies, I played violin in several orchestras in Goa and Mumbai, India, including the Bombay Chamber Orchestra.

In addition, I have played chamber music in various locations (Ealing Chamber Group, Piggotts Hill, to name a few).

I have taken lessons in conducting and orchestration with the late Alan Hazeldine, founder and conductor of the CCO; he was also on the teaching faculty of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I studied violin with Joseph Wolfe.

Intrigued by the unique medical problems posed by musicians when the came to me as patients, I attended two workshops for GPs and other medical personnel at Ms. Carola Grindea’s house, which were very insightful.

Since our return to India, I have set up Child’s Play India Foundation (www.childsplayindia.org), a music charity that aims to impart teaching the playing of orchestral instruments to disadvantaged children, inspired by the Simon Bolivar porject in Venezuela. We have several projects in Goa.

I also organise classical music concerts, workshops and masterclasses. Some of the recent events that I have been involved with: Jesus College Cambridge Choir (March 2013), Kodaly Quartet (April 2013) and the Bager Trio (April 2013). I also help organise concerts for Promusica.

I write about music, history, nature, wildlife, the environment and other subjects. My writing has been published in the national and international press including The Strad, Classical Music magazine, Opera Now, The Times of India,  India Today Travel Plus, among others

I currently write reviews and music-related articles for the Navhind Times, one of Goa’s oldest English language newspapers.

I am a keen history enthusiast, and offer bespoke guided walks of Panjim and surrounding towns, villages and cities. You will get an insider’s perspective about these places that guide books and brochures do not give you. Click here for more information.

My other interests include cycling (I helped start the Goa Cycle Club here), trekking, birdwatching, sailing, scuba diving and swimming.

I have recently gotten interested in numismatics (our heritage house once used to be the Public Mint [Casa da Moeda] from 1834-1842, and we had a festival in our house last year to celebrate 175 years of the milestone).

I really began to get interested in photography in 2000 after I purchased my first digital camera, which was a humble Kodak EZ200. Since then, I have moved on via a Concorde camera, Casio Exilim and now to a Canon 350D EOS SLR.

It is a fascinating activity and I am learning something new every day. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback.

Thank you for visiting my site.

33 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Luis,
    I am writing on behalf of Pat Roberts. She wants you to know that her address book was stolen so she has lost your address. Could you let her have it?

  2. Andrea Cornwell said:

    Hi Luis!

    I found your website through the postings you made about Alan, and the Corinthian Chamber Orchestra. Its been a very strange time in London and the orchestra – so much to come to terms with.

    I’m writing as a last minute change of plan means I am coming to Goa tomorrow! I’m currently on holiday in India (writing this in Gokarna), and soon to be heading out to Hampi for Christmas. We’ve just realised that we will be coming to Margao for one night tomorrow to change trains, so I thought of you – if you are around it would be lovely to see you. Of course, I realise that this is Christmas Eve, so it might not be possible if this is a family time for you. (I don’t want to disrupt anything!)

    I do have a local mobile number (below), or as my reception here is temperamental, do send an email & I’ll check in this evening. We can either take a train at 10.45am or 7pm tomorrow – takes about 2 hours I think – so if you were around I could come in the day time.

    Hope that everything is well with you in any case, and that you are enjoying being back in Goa. How are your plans for the local orchestra coming along?

    Best wishes

    Andrea Cornwell
    UK mobile: +44 7885 037 556
    India mobile: 9 8866 48 144

  3. Hi Luis:

    Your blog popped up from a Google Alerts about our mutual friend, David Juritz.

    My name is Lisa Wong, a pediatrician and violinist and president of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra. We perform concerts to help support other medical nonprofit organizations, and I met David when we came through Boston on his busking project.

    He was our soloist both in Boston and London in June and hopefully we’ll be doing more projects together soon.

    I’d love to hear more about you and your program in Goa.

  4. Neville said:

    Hi Luis,
    I’m also a Goan interested in relocating to Goa after several years abroad (in my case, 18 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.) I’d love to correspond directly with you to get your take on various aspects of moving back – adjusting to the slower pace of life etc etc. I write for a living (advertising) and promise to keep the correspondence interesting! If you have the time, I’m at neville(at)freelanceteam.com

  5. I’m writing as a last minute change of plan means I am coming to Goa tomorrow! I’m currently on holiday in India (writing this in Gokarna), and soon to be heading out to Hampi for Christmas. We’ve just realised that we will be coming to Margao for one night tomorrow to change trains, so I thought of you – if you are around it would be lovely to see you. Of course, I realise that this is Christmas Eve, so it might not be possible if this is a family time for you. (I don’t want to disrupt anything!)

  6. Ken Berv said:

    Found your site serendipitously while tracing origin of quote on “never look at the horns” (actually Strauss said “the brass”). I am a psychiatrist,(taught at the Yale School of Mediciine for 30 years) erstwhile horn player (my father and two uncles played horn in the NBC Symphony under Toscanini), married to a Juilliard violinist (student of Galamian and Szymon Goldberg), and gave a son who is a student composer/pianist, and one who is an evolutionary biologist (ornithology). I played horn in college in the New Haven Symphony and in med school in the Harvard Bach Society.
    I have varied interests, like you.

  7. Update about Oscar Castellino … He has become the very worthy recipient of the Blair Wilson Award at the Royal College of Music in London. For more details see http://www.gedclapson.com/blair-wilson-award-at-the-rcm

  8. Shivam Tomar said:

    Hi Luis,

    I am writing on behalf of Roads less Travelled and alternate travel setup. We have some clients who are looking forward for a Heritage and Culture walks in Goa, Please send in your contact details at shivam@rltgo.com

    I can be contacted at shivam@rltgo.com or +91-9871938631


  9. Rita Bhimani said:

    Great going through your website. Loved your piece on Roistropovich. Would like to connect up with you as I am writing a history of the Calcutta School of Music which completes 100 years of its existence in 2014

  10. Hi Luis,

    I am an assistant producer from Infocus Asia, a production house based in Singapore. I am currently producing a documentary series film for the National Geographic channel about urban legends in countries around the world.

    I am looking for a professional historian or anthropologist on Portuguese India and Diu (a port town in India) to film and talk with. I was wondering if you might be able to direct me to any one as such? I thought you might seeing that you are a Goa history enthusiast yourself.

    Thank you very much Luis.


  11. Sandeep said:

    Hello Luis,

    How can I contact you?

  12. Ellen Smart said:

    Yes, Luis Dias — how do I get in touch with you??? I’d like to chat about Mughal painting and the Dastan-i Masih with you. There were at least four illustrated copies of this manuscript made at the Mughal court, and several unillustrated copies. One illustrated copy resides in the Lahore Museum, another in the Cleveland Museum. The illustration you show, in the British Museum, is one of ten known from that particular manuscript.

  13. shruti rao said:

    hi luis
    please share you email id or contact details. i would like to get in touch with you regarding a travel music show we are doing in goa in this month.

  14. Sergio Carvalho said:

    Dear Mr. Luis Dias
    I am one of your fans, 72 years old retired lecturer who reads your columns in Navind Times Panaroma, every Sunday. What an amazing knowledgable musician and writer you are. You are surely one of those talented Goenkars who do us proud! Thank you!
    Kindly send me your e-mail, because i want to forward a letter to you, with a special request which i hope you will be able to oblige.
    With admiration and reagrds
    Sergio Carvalho

  15. Dear Mr.Dias,
    how can contact you?
    I am a pianist.
    Please contact me.

    best regards,
    Riccardo Bozolo

  16. Your history about Casa da Moeda de Goa is realy amazing. Mabe my most recent book about miniature coins could interst you:



  17. Hi Louis,

    I am in search of a string quartet… Would perhaps be able to suggest somesome?

    Kind regards

  18. Hi Julia,

    Write to me with more details on diasfluis@gmail.com, and I might be able to help.

    Best wishes,


  19. Sanjhineet: Navneet Kaur Ahuja said:

    Hello Dr. Luis, while searching about Goa for my upcoming trip, I stumbled upon your blog.
    You seem a versatile personality.
    I share two interests i.e. cycle and photo making. Though I love to explore and enjoy different forms of art.
    Also loved reading your connection with Goa cycle so you must be knowing most of the cyclists from Goa. Two lovely people from Goa are riding here 1200 km 🙂
    It would be a pleasure to meet you in person and hear more about your work.
    Sharing my email here if you would like to write


  20. Ronald Lobo said:

    Hi Luis, I live in Panaji and would love to meet people and be in your choir. How do I go about doing it.
    my id r_lobo@bsnl.in

  21. natashasomji said:

    Hi Luis,

    My family and I are in Goa till the 26th and would love to organise a heritage walk with you tomorrow (Dec 23rd). I can’t find contact details but if you’re available, would you be able to contact me on 7291923175?


  22. Antonio Fonseca said:

    I came across your article “Have Thyself a Merry Little Christmas” courtesy of my friend, another Luis, Luis Santa Rita Vaz. It is scholarly work. Intrigued, I looked up “About” tab and confess was more than a little embarrassed that I had no acquaintance at all with your work. I am delighted to have come across a Renaissance man in contemporary Goa. I have bookmarked your page and will run down the long list of your contributions in the coming days. Allow me to express my appreciation and gratitude for your contributions to the enrichment of Goan society in particular. My very best wishes to you and your family in the New Year and beyond.

  23. Yvonne Braganza said:

    Hello ! An avid reader of yr columns but the Easter Sunday one was very special as your Grandmother and my maternal Grandma were sisters ! She was Leopoldina (my middle name !). It was lovely to see the picture – thank you for sharing precious memories of yr time with her. Hope we meet someday ?! Couldnt find an email id for you hence this personal messg here.
    Yvonne Braganza, Candolim (evoganza2@yahoo.com)

  24. Hi Luis, I am a fiction writer from Mumbai. I am writing a fictional story based in Goa and would love to talk to you about it. How do I go about it? I am on 9819981337 and saurabh.garg AT gmail.com.


  25. BRIAN DE SOUZA said:

    Luis: enjoyed your column on Laudato Si and Goa, very well written

    Ex DAN newspaper if you remember

  26. Antonio Fonseca said:

    Luis, there is nary a week when your postings do not inform, educate and entertain the reader. Thank you for last week’s writing on Passages; it would have been a real shame to miss it, had it not been for your write up. I am awed by the repository of knowledge you are. My best wishes.

  27. Hello!
    Me and my 2 friends are visiting Panjim on November 2nd 2017, how can we book a Fontainhas heritage walk with you?
    Please do let me know of a contact number where I can reach you.
    Much thanks!

  28. william rebello said:

    liked the reviews

  29. Hi Luis,

    My family and I are in Goa for the republic day weekend and would love to chat with you about organizing a heritage walk with you on the 26th of January, 2018. I am unable to find contact details for you – would be great if you could pass on your contact details to mithila.jha@gmail.com.


  30. Antonio Fonseca said:

    Luís, This was a particularly rewarding read. Brought back memories –
    D. Bosco in Fontaínhas where they had an Oratório, of Fr Scuderi , Fr. Lobo, Fr. Saldanha; of Mestre Cota and his band playing in the “Coreto” at Jardim Garcia de Horta on Sundays; of Mestre Caiado, celebrating the dawn of a Feast day with “alvoradas” at the head of his band briskly marching down the streets of Panjim; of a time that will not return but memories that, thankfully, allow us to relive them.
    Each week, I await your column. It provides a refreshing change from the litany of woes that beset our land. Thank you.

  31. hi Luis, your name is so portuguese… do you have any relation to Portugal?? cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

  32. Jayashree Kumar said:

    Hello Luis,

    I have never visited Goa, and never been that keen. Now, having read about you, I’m eager to visit and see your amazing work with children, as well as see Goa through the eyes of an insider. 🙂

  33. Pritha Roy Choudhury said:

    Hi Luis,
    I am interested in doing a story/photo feature on http://childsplayindia.org/. I want to talk to you and connect with you in this regard. I can be reached at 7042750836. alternatively can you please text me so that I can get in touch with you.


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