Our civic authorities must have a curious sense of humour bordering on malice, in choosing the garden of Dr Gen. Miguel Caetano Dias as a designated garbage dumping site. Dr. Miguel Caetano Dias was decorated, and had a statue put up to him, for eradicating the bubonic plague in Goa 1908-1910. And his eldest son Dr. Victor Manuel Dias was responsible for the Saneamento da Velha Goa (Sanitation Plan of Old Goa) 1948, which allows us to visit the city today, and the stress and exertion of which took its toll in causing his premature death just months later.

It is perhaps ignorance that has caused the CCP to choose this very site, but it is also the ultimate ignominious indignity, that the statue of Dr. Miguel Caetano Dias is condemned to the sight and stench before him every day. The champion of sanitation and public health is surrounded by a breeding-ground for vermin and disease. Could there be a worse slap in the face to the memory of a once-respected and loved public figure?

One really fails to understand the logic: garbage was never dumped in the heart of town before for later, periodic, erratic collection. Why now? We’ve been unable to get a satisfactory answer despite taking it up with the authorities. The ground staff in the garbage trucks plead helplessness; “take it up with those above.”

Will the much awaited telescope and microscope ever arrive, to see this problem and take action? Or is now a malodour-ometer required as well?

If anything, the filth has only proliferated and worsened since these pictures were taken and at the time of uploading this post.