I’ve recently begun writing a regular weekend column for Panorama section of the Navhind Times. I’m really excited about this. It opens up so many possibilities. And it challenges me to write: regularly and much more than I’ve done before, and about issues that I am passionate about, and that will strike a chord among my readers.

It is a challenge, but the ideas have been flying thick and fast nevertheless. I’ve actually had to keep a list so I don’t lose track of all of them.

I know that a lot of people consider social networking sites a distraction from their work, but I actually find it often gives me the trigger I need to write about something. Facebook is especially good for me in this respect. A status update from a friend, or a newsfeed from the Independent, or a clever line from the Violin Channel, and it sparks off a whole article. One thing rapidly leads to another.

Another feature on Facebook which I plan to use more often is Grammarly. It makes writing so much more straightforward as it flags up my typos at once. The ‘green G’ lets me know I can ‘go ahead’ as there’s nothing to correct in the writing trail I’ve left behind. A ‘red G’ tells me I ought to stop and examine what has been flagged up (the words are underlined wavy red). I use Grammarly for online proofreading because I don’t have to mind my Ps and Qs. Grammarly takes care of that for me!

In many respects a Facebook status update is like a short blog post, and a Tweet an even shorter one. I’m not such a copious tweeter, but I do write and share a lot on Facebook. So I’m going to try and use some of that impetus an direct it into ‘regular’ writing. And it’s wonderful to have a press outlet in which to do this.