I have been trying for some years now to chronicle the remarkable life of Shanti Sheldon (1917-2012). I began my quest a few years before she eventually passed away.

It has been really hard to piece together her life, from the fragments that I have been able to find, and that with great difficulty. This is tragic, because a life like this ought to have been held up for all of us to admire and aspire to.

I had the opportunity to meet her just once, sadly just a few days before her demise, and this is really really sad, because she had indicated that she wouldn’t mind having more chats with me. Her memory had faded, but she seemed comfortable with the idea of meeting again to talk about music and her role in it in the Big City. 

I wrote a short piece on her after I heard of her passing, several weeks later. But I still am in search of information.

So I was particularly pleased to find this video tribute from Fali Pavri to his former teacher. His choice of piece is especially touching: Schumann’s Widmung (‘Dedication’), a love song from Robert to Clara Schumann now a dedication of love and respect from student to dear departed teacher.



Listen to his tribute. He says that Shanti expected her pupils to have “Spine, Spirit and Soul.”

I am pleased to report that the one time I met the great lady, she still had all three, in ample measure!

Farewell to a truly remarkable human being.