Last month, I had written a blog post about my archaeologist friend Brian Wilson and his work in Old Goa using a helium balloon-powered kite to take aerial pictures of the old city.

Well, towards the end of his stay in Goa, he flew the kite in Panjim too, and sent me this picture because it gave pride of place to our heritage home, Casa da Moeda.

You can recognise it from its yellow arched colonnade slightly below-centre of the photograph.  

The picture gives one a deceptive sense of order and tidiness which is far from apparent on the ground.

Also, just out of interest, the roofed house two houses up to the left from us in the picture has been completely gutted by a fire on the early morning of 20 February 2013. So this picture already has historical significance as it documents what the neighbourhood and the ill-fated house looked like, before the arsonists struck. Yes, the fire seems to have been deliberate.