Manuel’s dad is a big fan of Julien Neel a.k.a. Trudbol, the best one-man a capella barbershop quartet (yes, he does all four voices himself! And oh-so-beautifully!) ever. He listens to him a lot, and Manuel’s getting hooked as well!

Here is Trudbol, with the 1912 British music-hall classic “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, now forever associated with the First World War due its popularity with soldiers at the time.


The tune is so catchy, that Manuel’s picked it up too. It’s now his favourite song. He’s memorised the lyrics, and loves to just belt it out at full blast! His “r”s sound like “w”s, so you get a lot of “TippeWAWY” in the song!

He seems to instinctively know it’s a marching song!

Any time you need an extra voice, Julien: Nous sommes ici, en Goa!