I had written a blog post earlier featuring Fr. Bismarque Dias’ Kindness Manifesto. In fact, here is a link to another post related to the subject.


I’d like to remind you of the press conference on 8 February 2012 that began Fr. Bismarque’s Kindness campaign:


Fr. Bismarque Dias has literally and figuratively covered a lot of ground in Cumbarjua constituency since that unique conference.

To remind you once again of what Fr. Bismarque is all about, what he stands for, and what is seeking to achieve with your help, watch this footage one more time.

And then just vote with your conscience on 3 March 2012. I am convinced that the Goan voter is mature enough to do the right thing! For Goa the land, for Goa the people, for and for Goa’s future!