It is with great sadness that one learned of the tragic death of this young Hungarian violinist in the cruise ship Costa Concordia disaster off the Tuscan coast of Italy on 13 January.

The first intimation about his demise was in the local press on 21 January 2012 as the cruise ship had several crew members from Goa on board. One of the survivors, Kevin Monteiro from Agonda, was quoted as saying that a “musician returned to the ship’s corridor to retrieve his violin but never came back alive”.

I am a subscriber to, where I got more details. According to news reports, he was the first identified victim. Several sources confirm that he helped crying children into their life-jackets and was himself wearing one when he returned to his cabin to salvage his instrument.

Here is a video uploaded on Youtube just a month earlier in which he applies for a violin teacher’s job:

He graduated in 1998 from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, where he was the pupil of László Dénes.

Rest in peace,  Sándor Fehér!