Granted, it’s related to auditioning for the You Tube Symphony Orchestra 2011, and horn player Stefan de Leval Jezierski refers specifically to Mozart’s Horn Concerto number 4 in E flat major K. 495.

But the advice in my opinion would work well for the Mozart repertoire in general:


1. Don’t try to play too fast.

2. Don’t try to interpret too much. Keep it simple.

3. Keep it in tempo, and the rest will take care of itself.

4. Don’t distort the rhythm. The sixteenth-notes have to be “singing”.

5. In Mozart, one has to lean on the dissonances a little bit.

6. Common mistake: to make the last note before the dissonance a “pick-up” note.

7. Don’t think about playing past the peak of the phrase, until you’re actually there.

8. If you have pick-up repeated notes towards the next bar-line: Make sure they have a bit of direction. Try not to get faster as you do so.

9. Play from the heart.

10. Enjoy the music.


Thank you Herr Jezierski!

Thank you Berlin Phil!

Thank you, Youtube!