WITHERS. London ; nineteenth century and
contemporary. Well-known firms of London dealers
and repairers. The founder of the business was
EDWARD WITHERS, who died about 1870. He was
a maker of decided ability and made some instruments
of high-class finish and workmanship. He also employed
some excellent workmen, amongst them Boullangier
(q.v.). A son of the same name was a pupil of Lott
and carried on business in Wardour Street. He died
in 1915, and the business is continued by his sons.
GEORGE WITHERS, another son of the first Edward,
established a successful business on his own account,
and retired some years ago. The firm is now " George
Withers and Sons," the partners being two of his sons,
GUARNERI and WALTER, both of whom underwent a
course of training in Mirecourt