This month marks the 60th death anniversary of the eminent
engineer Luís Bismarck Dias (10 June 1894- 8 December
1949) who is credited with planning the city of Vasco da Gama.

He also designed the Praça do Comércio and the Marketplace in Panjim and the Dona Paula Miradouro, to name just a few of his works.   

Director of Public Works in the Portuguese colony of Timor in 1919, in 1925 he was appointed Condutor de 1ª classe of the Directorate of Public Works in Índia Portuguesa, and was Superintendent of Railways in Mormugão. Between 1944 and 1949 he was Head of the Section of Public Buildings.

He was also a remarkable maker of violins in his leisure time. The violin in the picture below was made by him and is still in playable condition.


Eng. Luís Bismarck Dias was the son of General Dr. Miguel Caetano Dias (1854-1936), an eminent physician-surgeon of his time, and the first and only Goan to be designated as ‘General’ by the Portuguese government, for his accomplishments in the area of health and sanitation.

Luís Bismarck Dias’ only son, Júlio Fleming Dias (1927-2009), was a world-famous inventor.


(An edited version of this article appeared in Vasco Watch, Goa India in December 2009)