It’s now close to 27 hours since Mumbai was attacked in a concerted strike by very a well-trained and equipped terrorist squad.

It sickens me when I think of how they must have planned for months, perhaps years,  to conduct this attack, knowing full well that they would be killing innocent unarmed civilians who do not even know what they are fighting about, who have nothing whatsoever to do with whatever they are so agitated about.

It sickens me that (as Shobhaa De has so correctly pointed out) our netaas get Z level security (whatever that means) with our tax money, while we, the taxpayers, are sitting ducks. She is angry, and so must be all of Mumbai, indeed all of India.

I hope Mumbai’s nightmare ends soon, and I hope that the anger in every citizen’s heart right now is channeled positively, and violence doesn’t beget even more violence.

We just got a text message basically advocating the “eye for an eye”. How tiring; how tiresome, how tedious, and repetitive.

When will this anger, this indignation of ours, actually result in a change in our political landscape, in the mindsets of our leaders?

Will it need much more bloodshed than even this? I hope to God not.

Kennedy stood at the Berlin Wall at the height of the Cold War, and uttered “Ich bin Berliner”.

Well, today I am a Mumbaikar.