As I write these lines, I am listening to BBC Radio 3.

The reception is crystal clear, and I’m able to listen to pretty much everything I used to listen to old Blighty, just 4 1/2 hours later.

In fact, I’m discovering many programmes that I couldn’t possibly have listened to, as I was at work at those times of the day, back in England.

Just heard an epic recording of Beethoven’s Triple Concerto, featuring four stalwarts (David Oistrakh, Svjatoslav Richter, Mstislav Rostropovich, Herbert von Karajan). OK, five if you also count the Berlin Phil.

Incidentally, this recording features on the World’s Best as well as Worst recordings ever, depending on your point of view.

Love it (I love it) or hate it, you have to admit it was a milestone.

Watch this clip to get an idea of the controversy behind the scenes:

This was followed by Oistrakh’s equally classic recording of the Ciaconne by Tomaso Vitali; Yampolsky on the piano.

I managed to Google a video clip of this work:


Long live internet radio!