Just finished reading a delightful autobiographical account of Barenboim’s life. I guess he is the epitome of a child prodigy, and his book makes fascinating reading.

I had his book on my shelf for some time, but picked it up for a proper reading after attending two of his concerts (Beethoven piano sonata cycle) at the Royal Festival Hall (RFH).

He is an intense man, no doubt about that. This comes across not only in his writing, but also in the video interview I saw at the RFH but also after listening to him on the radio. I have also taped out a documentary “Barenboim on Beethoven” that I would like to revisit.

Staggering though his musical legacy is, I think he will be remembered for posterity for his indefatigable efforts to bring Israeli and Arab musicians together amid the turmoil that is the Middle East today. He waxes eloquent about this as well in his book.

A good read, and I am sure I will be giving it a re-read soon.