This was a serendipitous discovery on a weekend trip to London. We had chosen a B&B near Paddington station, & noticed The Levantine in passing. We were very glad we did. It is so nondescript from the outside, that you could be forgiven for passing it by, and not realising it even existed, let alone that is was open for business.

We were also fortunate in choosing to walk in just as the belly dancing was in full swing (no pun intended). It really set the mood for an exotic Arabian night. The dancer was clad in light blue, and her attractiveness was enhanced by her smile. It was amusing to watch a customer try to learn the ropes from her. The waitresses were politeness itself, and made us feel at home. They frequently staggered their guests with their tea-pouring prowess (poured from a spout raised aloft in one hand, into a tiny cup held low in the other. Has to be seen to be believed).  

The incense and the rose petals and the music all contributed to the ambience.   

For starters we chose Warak enab mehshi bil-zeyt (Vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs) which were delectable.

I chose the Shish Tawuk (Marinated chicken in garlic, lemon juice and spices), which came along with pitta bread, and salad which included the jalapeno peppers I love so much. Sumptuous divine food, the meat cooked to just the right degree so it was really succulent. The wife chose  Musakaat batenjan (Baked aubergines cooked with tomato and chick pea) which was also  wonderful.

The portions were so generous that we had to pass on dessert, and sadly there ended our meal.

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a good wholesome meal, keen on value for money and an unforgettable night out. We will be back!