The City of London Sinfonia Orchestra  is resident at the Wycombe Swan, which is a blessing for music lovers in Buckinghamshire.

This concert featured the wind section (and brass if you count the contributions from the horns, and the basso continuo line in some of the works needed a violoncello & double bass) of the orchestra.

The pre-concert talk was illuminating, not only from a technical point of view, but also in terms of the pieces that featured on the programme.

The first half of the concert was devoted to Mozart’s Serenade no. 10 in B flat, K 361 (famously known as the “Gran Partita”)

The second half featured a composer I had not heard before: Krommer (Octet Partita in E flat op.79), and the concert ended with Dvorák’s Serenade in D minor op.44.

In keeping with their tradition of holding a 10-minute Encore in the lobby, the cello & double bass played 3 short pieces (including one written by a former CLS member, which was a set of variations on “Bear Necessities”) which were well-received.